Tuesday, 13 January 2015


So I am down a few. This week has started great. Had a nice walk home from work last night and another this morning. Also had breakfast this morning, and hoping to make a habit of that. I think most of the weight I lost in the last week was probably down to me having a proper stomach bug. Still, I'll take it! Feeling better know and finishing my pills today.

The plan is to keep away from sugar, starchy stuff, and the carbs. I know everyone does not believe or support the whole LCHF idea, and I am also not 100% convinced. What I will say, is that parts of it seems to work for me. Carbs definitely screw around with my blood sugar. If I stick to more salads and proteins I do have more energy. And feel fuller for longer. I am not so big on the whole fat thing though. As far as sugar is concerned, I am trying to give that a miss as far as possible.

Well, still far to go. I am more than 20 kg's away from where I want to be,  and about 7 away from where I have been.

Hitting 99.9 kg's will be BIG. And that's about 11 kg's away. I'd like to get there before April.

Let's do this.

Have a good one!



  1. I find high fat really unpleasant. I'm trying to reduce carbs but replace it with protein, fruit and vegetable. Not because I think fat is evil, but it makes me feel yucky if I eat as much as some of those diets recommend.

  2. You can do this! I am personally not a fan of the whole high fat diets. I feel like I'm being asked to eat butter and cream, Lol.

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