Monday, 29 August 2016

Here we go

So, it has been a super year on all fronts. Except one -  I am as big as a Kruger Park Elephant let loose in the Amazon.

It's official, I am fatter than I have ever been - One Hundred and Fucking 20 point 3 Kilograms. That's 120.3kg's.

More than blogging on here (which helped a lot, and which I will be doing much more of) I have used this as a tracking tool. I started tracking my weight in October 2012, since then there has been a low or 2. Lowest weigh in was 103.4kg's in May 2014, and then this morning, the highest ever, 120.3 kg's.

Look, I am a happy guy, and I am still happy, and I am not crying about my weight. I do realize though that it is getting a bit out of hand, so, let's do this.

Instead of just eating okay and workout out for shits and giggles, I have gone out and spend a small shit house full of cash on the following:

  • A nice new Mountain Bike
  • A Cape Argus Cycle Tour Entry
Argus it is then, in 194 days.

I'll try posting my progress more often, and I have promised myself that I will not be posting in RED again, ever, or until I one day start fluctuating around my goal weight, which is VERY far away.

So from here on in, I will try and post once a week at least, and keep everything green over here.

Till next week then,



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