Sunday, 18 October 2015

57 days of change.

In 57 Days I have a wedding where I am one of the groomsmen. My buddies wife has decided that the groomsmen should all be wearing suspenders. Bloody hell. Ask any guy with a bit of a spare tyre round his waist if he enjoys wearing suspenders. I promise you that you wont find many. You look like a complete overweight idiot. With the suspenders sliding around, and drawing all the attention to what looks like a light bulb on your ample tummy. Especially if you are in a white shirt. Which off course we are.

So there is my motivation, maybe she is doing me a favour.

I'll why in today or tomorrow morning, post it, and get grilling. Now.

From now on every day is Monday, at least for the next 57 days.

I hate suspenders.



  1. I don't remember ever seeing an overweight person in suspenders so I don't know about that, but I remember my friend's (thin) date once complaining that they really rubbed his nipples through the shirt and after a night of dancing that really hurt!

  2. You see Natalie, suspenders don't work for no one!

    thanks, had a laugh at that nipple story!