Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Good Morning,

First, here's yesterdays menu:

  • 1 Bowl of oats for Breakfast
  • Leftover salad around 11
  • 200g Biltong at 1
  • muesli & raisins at 3
  • 3L water throughout the day
  • a smoothie for dinner

  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 spoon Peanut Butter
  • crushed ice
  • Little but of whey power
  • about half a teaspoon honey
  • some blueberries
  • a spoon of oats
  • Awesome

  • Wasn't feeling it in the pool last night, still I did 700m, was no fun, and suffered thru it. Glad I did it though. Will be back tonight.
So who is doing Movember?



Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Here's what went down:

  • Some Muesli
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 DietFuel shake
  • A can of Tuna
  • 50g Biltong
  • 100g Dried Fruit
  • 100g Raisins
  • A huge salad last night
  • 3 L Water
My Salad last night:

  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Feta
  • Tomatoes
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Spring Onions
  • Snap Peas
  • Cucumber
  • Tuna
  • Olive Oil
  • Tabasco
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Squeeze of Lemon Juice

I did a K! My brother dragged me along for the last 200m. I just kept with him and managed to do a kilo. Feel a bit stiff today, but nothing compared to yesterday.

looking forward to going another K tonight.

Enjoy your Month End Wednesday!

Let's do this!



This is my first review, so I hope you like it. I have USN diet fuel mostly as a meal replacement for breakfast. I struggle to get food in to my body in the mornings, I have always been like that, and it is funny, seeing that I am about 25kg's overweight. I just don't feel lik eating in the morning.
I prefer the Chocolate flavour, it tastes a lot like a thick milkshake, although a bit more powdery. As a meal replacement, this fills me up big time. 1 serving is about 3 heaped scoops with 300 -350ml cold water or skimmed milk. I prefer mixing it with water, as it seems to mix thicker with milk, plus, the milk is just extra kilojoules to get rid of later. The vanilla is also a nice option, as you can then add some peanut butter or fruit to give it flavour.
Here is the products nutritional chart:

It is stacked with vitamins & minerals, and off course, protein heavy. USN is a trusted South African company who sells products across the globe these days, and this must be one of their top 3 products.
As a weight loss tool, I would highly recommend this, it lifts your metabolism, and keeps you full, plus, I definitely have more energy during the day when I had one of these for breakfast.

Monday, 29 October 2012



Went for a swim last night, it was brutal, managed 700m. Will be back tonight, I know it will get easier, but I can't believe how much I struggled last night.

Still, I am losing weight, I feel good, and it is all good!

Here is Monday's menu:

I had a USN Diet Fuel for Breakfast.
Snacked on an apple around 11.
A tin of Tuna around 1.
Another apple at 3.
A nice green salad with a little olive oil around 5.
Dinner was 2 pieces of hake, done in the oven with some olive oil, salt & pepper, broccoli, and a poached egg. - Dinner was awesome.

I know my smallest meal should be dinner, but I really enjoy cooking, so I am trying to keep at healthy, it is also the only time I can make something, as I have the time, plus, I was hungry as hell coming back from the swim session.

I have been having a lot of water during the day, and it fills me up, and keeps me running to the loo.
Strange thing is, I am actually getting used to it know and crave water every now and again.

All and all, I am very happy with my progress, and committed to keep going.

Chat l8r.



The weekend was huge, big party on Thursday night, and another on Friday night - got in bed around 3 in the morning, had breakfast at 6, left at 7, teed off for a third round of golf in as many days. Only played 3 holes, felt something go in my back. Turns out I just pulled a muscle, and it will be fine. Had another party Saturday evening. Was fun, lay around the house yesterday and just chilled out.

Here is some of the bad stuff I put in body over the weekend:

  • Lots of jagermeister (at least 12 shots )
  • About 7 Whiskeys
  • 6 Vodka Redbulls
  • 12 Beers
  • 6 Lavodka Caramel Shots
  • 2 Hamburgers
  • 1 Plate of Chips
  • 1 Wimpy burger with Bacon & Egg
  • A Pizza
  • Guess about 2L worth of Coke and other soft drinks
  • Too many Dunhill Lights

Here is some of the good news:

  • I didn't have any chips, sweets, ice cream.
  • I drank a ton of water on the golf course and thru the day.
  • I played a lot of golf and walked a few kilo's
  • I got some fresh air.
  • I feel super.
Have not weighed yet, will do tomorrow morning and update accordingly.

Going for a swim tonight with my brother. I used to be quite the swimmer about 15 years back, so I am looking forward to it. Also scared shitless as I know it screws you up like no other aerobic exercise.

I could have watched what I ate a bit better these past few days. I know that. Still, it was 60 times better than it would have been 6 months ago. I still feel I am on the right track.

L8r gator,


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Golf, water, progress, and a big weekend.

Played well yesterday and really enjoyed the golf. Had lots of water, and all and all a good day. Wife and I went out for dinner with my folks. I realised that it ain't that easy to order in a restaurant. Half the salads have something in it that I don't really want to have, be it a sauce, or a crumbed something.

Opted for chicken wings, without any crumbs, that is grilled and served with olive oil and chilli's. Had a salad on the side. Normally I would have had a steak, sauce and chips, or a burger or pizza. What surprised me was that I really enjoyed the meal and did not really miss the pizza or carb heavy stuff I used to chow.

back at work today, and the in laws are sleeping over tonight, so I will probably have a braai or put something protein high meat heavy in the oven. Tomorrow morning I am off the golf tourni about 250km from home, sleeping over there and then back on Saturday for some more golf in the AM.

We have a show on Saturday evening, and the Currie Cup final is also on. GO Province! SO it is a packed few days to look forward to, and then a relaxing Sunday at home.

Really chuffed that I have gone 4 days on my high protein / low carb lifestyle, and looking forward to Monday's weigh in. I don't expect to have lost much, but I am feeling more energised, and it feels as if I might be loosing some.

Summer is almost here so let's hope I can get in the pool next week and get some extra exercise.

I know I want to weigh 89.9kg's, and that is the big target, but if I can just get down to 99.9kg's that would be a small victory on it's own. It's halfway, it's 15 kg's gone, and it would be fantastic. If I get there, I will never be above 100 again, that I know, I just need to get there. For a change, I feel as I am making progress, making the right food choices is becoming easier, and more of a habit. I am also getting more and more active. No one said this journey would be easy, and it certaintly isn't.

I am getting there, gram by gram!

I'll probably chat to you again on Monday, so enjoy your weekend, go for gold.



Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Had a few shakes, and 2 apples yesterday, also about 300g of Biltong. A heap of water, and some whisky, as we had some suppliers take us out for drinks.

I am pretty happy with the way it's going.

Playing golf today, and then again on Friday and Saturday as the bank is taking us on a trip.

Will do my best to stick to my lots of water habit, and eat the healthy stuff.

Unfortunately, I know I'll be taking some more whisky on board.

Hopefully all the walking balances that out.



easy salad without lettuce...cause i don't like lettuce

Here is my favourite salad, I had it last night, you can have it as is, or add some tuna, chicken or steak strips.

What you will need:

1 cucumber - sliced in about 1cm cuts.
3 tomatoes - quartered
half an onion, in nice fat rings
a few olives
some low fat feta cheese

And then:

Drizzle with olive oil.
Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on it.

Enjoy as is or add some tuna, chicken, or beef strips.

I like it cause its a big salad, with big pieces of veg, and it tastes awesome.

It's healthy as hell too.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Some inspiration

BoogieDown550 has some funny video's on youtube. I have been subscribing to his channel for some time. He is probably one of the most inspirational guys on youtube. We follow pretty much the same diet, and he is getting great results!

Be sure to follow him, also on twitter @Boogie2988


Sunday, 21 October 2012


110.2 KG'S

Let's do this.


Update -

1 Dietfuel Shake for breakfast
2 Apples snacked on during day
1 Garden Salad for Dinner
About a cup of popcorn snacked on during movie
ABout 3.5 L water


Let's do Tuesday!

Friday, 19 October 2012


I step into overdrive on Monday.

I am looking forward to it.

Fuck knows why.

Stat update to follow then.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

What I crave

I am still on my big protein diet / diet shakes / meat / chicken / fish / more meat diet. I am pretty used to going no carb / low carb by now. Here's what I miss most:

  • Hot dogs - I have a hot dog fetish, as previous posts will confirm. Plus, it's quick, easy and tasty.
  • Pies - I love a pepper steak pie, with a Coke, and Gaviscon.
  • White bread sarmies - With Peanut butter, syrup, and more butter.
  • Pizza - Figure I don't have to explain this.
  • Burgers - Particularly a King Steer Burger
  • Coke - I know there is nothing good in it, but there are few things better than a ice cold coke.
  • Nosh - I'm not much of a sweet tooth, but I love a Nosh bar.
Looking at it know, it ain't that bad, I am not a huge chip fan ( in any form ), so guess I am lucky, lots of other people really crave potatoes, I don't really struggle with it.

I have also found a few new healthy things I really like, and made some interesting dishes that tastes great and is healthy.

It's going good, and I'm getting good at this weight loss healthy eating thing.

May the scale be with you.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I have a dangerous addiction with hot dogs. Not just the hot dog itself, but very much also with a special hot dog sauce. More on the sauce later. Firstly, a few hot dog basics.


Go for a soft roll, white, and not crispy, most importantly, fresh.

The Sausage, Wors, Vienna, Dog

It should'nt be huge, you are looking for a thin sausage, so that you still have enough space for the sauce. Some people insists on boerewors, recipe here. I enjoy anything thin and warm, but like viennas, and german frankfurters the most. In the end, this is up to you.

The Sauce

I first had this sauce in primary school, then spent a few years after school looking for it, now, here you go.

Sautee n onion untill translusant, then add equal parts of the following -

ANY Margerine
MS BALLS chutney
ALL Gold Tomato Suace

Let it all simmer for a few minutes, and taste away, you can freeze this sauce and reheat as you wish.

I am sure you can use another brand of chutney or Tomato Sauce, but this is the best quality, best tasting, hot dog sauce ever. And you can eat it on anything else. Works nicely on burgers, and even chicken and steak.

Unfortunetly this is not a calorie counting meal, but rather something I miss everyday, and I eat as much as possible, when I conveniently forget that I should be on a diet!

you might be me

  • You will start Monday, next Monday, next month's Monday, as long as it's Monday, that's when you will start, Monday.
  • You have a billion Tshirts that don't fit over your belly, but nicely over your shoulders.
  • You lie awake and think about the 5 km jog you'll have in the morning, and how good it feels.
  • You wake up, switch off the alarm, and go back to sleep
  • You wake up, jog 400m and feel like the guys finishing an ironman after 16 hours.
  • You read a shit load of inspirational weight loss blogs.
  • You admire these guys
  • You make your own blog
  • You blog
  • You also loose a bit of weight
  • You stagnate
  • You party
  • You put some back on
  • You read some more blogs
  • You get motivated again
  • You get some more protein shakes
  • You get back on the horse
  • You loose more weight
  • You still dream of becoming a lean, mean, in shape guy
  • The dream is getting closer
  • You have the before photo -
  • You are an after photo in the making

Thursday, 11 October 2012


When I was fit and in shape, about 10 years ago, Lance was an idol. The guy overcame cancer, and he lost a ball, and he won, the tour de France, 7 fucking times. We cycled, we tried to be Lance, we bought the US Postal jerseys, the yellow Livestrong armbands, the book - "It's not about the bike"- we'll it sure as hell were'nt about the bike.

I feel betrayed, pissed off, and like I wasted 3 weeks a year for way to many years watching le Tour. The way it's going now, they might as well make blood transfusions and EPO legal, as it sounds like every pro cyclist is anyways enjoying the stuff.

I want to rant on, but honestly, I can't, I am afraid I'll start crying...again...screw you Lance.

Where's all the traffic coming from

I am having huge traffic on my blog today, don't know why, but for all the first time visitors, welcome!

My wife's sister is visiting with her boyfriend. We had a big dinner last night, and are going out for drinks and dinner tonight. Tommorow the weekend starts, and it is a big one, with heaps of parties and probably to much booze. Looking forward to it!

Monday will be D-Day again. And I'll post some fresh stats on Monday so that you can see where I am at.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Chat l8r,


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

EEESH...what a big weekend

So, as expected, this weekend was pretty big, in fact, it was closer to huge. Had about 84 drinks to many. Had about 5kg's of cards to many. Completely fell of the weight loss horse. And, yes, I am feeling shit about it, but it's not the end of the world. I have always said I won't quit my very active social life, or stop eating things I enjoy. Yes I had to much of everything. Yes, I put on a few kilo's. Yes I will still eb much fitter and lighter come 1 December. Back to normal today, back to checking ehat I eat, back at the gym tommorow morning.

Keep going!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Here's yesterday's menu. Had a USN diet fuel for breakfast, they fill me up pretty well, and contains a lot of protein. Doesn't taste to bad either. It has a huge amount of minerals and vitamins and a serving packs just over 800 kj. More on the product here. Had a apple as a snack, and a 3 Vital rice cakes for lunch. They don't taste like much, but keeps me chewing for a while and seems to make me feel full. Had 2 Phedra Cut Slim Packs during the day. This is an awesome product, and gives me heaps of energy. It also tastes really good. In fact, it tastes better than any other diet product I have ever had. It contains just 12 kj per serving. It is a nice refreshing drink that packs a punch. More on the product here. For dinner, I popped some salmon into the oven. I used my Pestor & mortar and smashed up a heap of different herbs, some fresh garlic, salt & pepper, and smeared it on top of the salmon. Made a nice salad to go with it, and made a olive oil and lemon juice dressing to give some more flavour. I'll try to take pics of my meals so that you can comment on it.

Went for a nice walk with my wife and the dogs just outside town on some gravel roads. Forgot my Iphone at home, so don't know how far I walked, but we ere busy for about 35 minutes. Would have liked to have gone a bit longer, but it is still getting dark pretty early. My walking pace is definitely a bit slower then hers, but she kept with me and it was nice to have the company.



Monday, 1 October 2012


I have not said much on my blog about my CPAP machine, but it is truly something I can't live without, so I figure it deserves it's own post.

Those who follow my blog, would remember all my mediacl issues, and how I got to sleeping with a elephant trunk connected to my face. For those in the dark, here's a quick recap.

* I had no energy
* I was depressed
* I had sugar issues
* I have high blood pressure
* My cholestrol was shit
* I have water retention issues
* I passed out at the office for no reason and woke up at the hospital.

and then:

* Went to 4 doctors
* Got hooked up to a billion wires
* Realized I dont really sleep
* Got the news that I wake up 34 times per hour.

and then:

I got my CPAP machine!

The thing is, sleeping with a CPAP machine takes a lot of getting used to. It took me about a month to realy get used to it, and every now and then I still need to make a few adjustments.

I have a Fisher & Paykell Auto unit with a humidifier, and although it was R12 000, it is worth every cent, every night, every time!

I actually sleep now, and wake up feeling like I slept. I figure I have about 654 % more energy, I do not get sleepy in the afternoons, and by large, I am definitly more awake. Also, I am starting to really enjoy the col air it blows out, althoug you can change it, as the F&P CPAP has a heater. I did change the pressure from 4 to 6.5 and this also made a big diffirence. You should be able to get off these machines, but honestly, I am enjoying it so much did I figure I porbably never would.

The website helped me a heap. I'd say anyone who is new to CPAP machines should go and have alook there. Someone on that forum has either asked the same questions or will be able to give you an answer.

Some people tend to loose weight on CPAP machines. The reason is pretty simple - as you are now actuaaly sleeping and getting proper rest. Your metabolism starts kicking in to gear the way it should, as you have the energy that weer missing when you were'nt sleeping. I am hoping I am one of them. I would anyway loose weight on it, as I now have the energy to actually do stuff that burns energy!

I'll check back tommorow.


10 KG's in 2 MONTHS

It's the first of Rocktober, and it is unbelievable how fast this year is fucking off under me! So 2 months to December, and proper summer. I have lost a few kg's since I started blogging. Anf been thru a few mdeical hiccups, and I have got a Cpap machine, and I bought a new house, and I am still not weighing in the 90's!

So, again, it is time for some new targets - With a 1 December deadline!

It is 8 weeks till December - so , it a aggresive, yet healthy weight loss rate, I should be able to loose about 1.6 kg's per week. 8 weeks = 12.8 kg's.

Currently, I am at 106.6 kg's. So if I loose 12.8 I'd be at 93.8kg's. I will be over the moon with that, but, if I can get below 90 I'd would be the best christmas present ever.

I am off to Cape Town this weekend for a wedding, the weekend therafter I have a Round Table area conference, and then the year end parties start.

The plan -

To get at least 45 minutes  per day of some kind of workout 6 times per week.
I am getting back to gym in the mornings from tommorow.
Cardio in the evenings.

I lost everything I have by just eating better and cutting out most carbs, I will have to keep that going.

I will blog more, as it gives me a space to moniter my progress. I'll use my Iphone a bit more. The tactio health app is really cool, and I'll make sure to input data more. With sports tracker I can see how far I have gone and for how long, plus, music helps while I walk/jog.

It's not quite hot enough yet, but summer is coming fast. So here is hopefully my secret weapon. I want to get back in the pool. I have always been quite a good swimmer, and there is few other sports that gives you a full body workout like swimming does. My plan is to go for a nice 40 minute swim in my lunch break, and see the kilo's fall off.

In the end it still boils down to this - The more you put in, the more you nees to put out!

I'll be trying to limit the what I put in, to heathly options, and put out as much energy as possible.

I have been reading quite a few weight loss blogs and success stories, and I honestly can't wait to be able to post my own before and after pics!