Tuesday, 19 June 2012

16 kilo's in 50 days!

Hectic, hopefully possible! Otherwise I want to get as close as possible!

Got this great weight loss tracking app on my Iphone called TargetWeight PRO. It let's you track your weight loss and you can take pictures etc to follow your weight loss.

Not so easy to train when it is -2`c outside in the morning when I leave for work at about 06:30.

My wife still gets up at 5 and goes to gym for about 45 minutes daily. have no clue how she gets it done every morning. She definitly has more will power then me. Truth is, she think she must loose like 8 kays while I think she is in great shape. Anyhoo, 16 is a lot. i have kinda rapped my head around it and realize I'll have to train myself to near death, and eat right.

I'm going on with two shakes a day, and the rest high protein and no refined stuff of any sort. I'm also back on the phedra cuts from tommorow.

Hope it's warm where you are!


Friday, 15 June 2012

the slumplings

I have some owning up to do! Have'nt been following my diet exactly 100% to the T! Me and my dad went to Bloem this week for a meeting. Ate some Chinese in a propoer Chinese restaurant, it reminded me of me and my wifes trip to Thailand last year. I really love their cuisine, it's very flavourfull, and very healthy. I have had the odd bit of rice here and there and have'nt been drinking as much water or protein shakes. It's Friday today, and I am really looking forward to a nice realxing weekend at home without doing to much. It's a public holiday tommorow so I will be sleeping in. Monday I will be back in full force and shed another few kays before August 8. Really admire my wife for getting up around 5 three times a week to go and gym. I'll get her to throw me out of bed with her from next week. I try and remind myself that this shoulf be a lifestyle and not a diet. And slowly but surely it feeld that I am getting there. With all the water I have been having I find myself craving water every now and again. Also, reading food labels and doing comparisons puts some more perspective into the stuff I stuff into my face! 9 jellybabies is pretty much the same as 2 Banana's. Well, go and read your food labels - enjoy your weekend - I'll be weighing in on Monday - and updating - and putting pedal to the medal!

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Well, it's my birthday today. So happy bday to me. Had a good weekend with some good golf in  freezing cold conditions. Did not do a weigh in today as I am really not feeling any thinner/slimmer and don't want to bog myself down by seeing I gained a kilo, or two. Will do weigh in later this week or on Monday at the latest. Very hard to do any exercise at the moment. When I left for work this morning it was minus 2 outside and pitch dark. When I get home tonight it will be about 10 degrees and pitch black. Still, I will have to start doing some exercise at night again. I am looking to do some intense abs this week, maybe I can start loosing a few centimeters around my belly a bit sooner that way. Eitherway, you must all have a good week. I'll catch up again soon!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Nearly 10

Had a big weekend away with Round Table. Unfortunetly I did'nt keep 100% to my diet, but I did to pretty good. Had a few bread rolls - which gave me a hell of a bad case of indigestion, but I did have a few salads, so it went much better than usually. I only had one Creme Soda, and that was only because I felt like a train ran over me on Saturday morning and we still had a whole day of partying left. Had the odd Jagermeister - about 8 if I remember correctly...but, not a single brandy and coke or any beers. Just a whole lot of whisky and water.

I wasn't expecting much with my weigh in this morning, as I figured I probably did put on  a few kilo's this weekend, but alas - I lost some more! I am now down to 105.5kg's from  my starting weight of 114.4kg's. That is 8.9 kg's lost. Pretty stoked, and it is great motivation to get to 10 down. The diet fuel I am drinking is helping plenty. They keep me full, and gives me a real nice dose of energy. Tend to have them for breakfast and lunch, with an apple or something in between. Dinner has been healthy, high protein and no carb.

The plan for this week is to go to gym everyday after work and see if I can go for a walk or a cycle when I get home, it's just less than 2 months to go and I want to get down as much as possible!

I am hoping that by keeping do the diet fuel and adding some gym work I drop one or two more this week.

Enjoy your week!