Monday, 1 October 2012

10 KG's in 2 MONTHS

It's the first of Rocktober, and it is unbelievable how fast this year is fucking off under me! So 2 months to December, and proper summer. I have lost a few kg's since I started blogging. Anf been thru a few mdeical hiccups, and I have got a Cpap machine, and I bought a new house, and I am still not weighing in the 90's!

So, again, it is time for some new targets - With a 1 December deadline!

It is 8 weeks till December - so , it a aggresive, yet healthy weight loss rate, I should be able to loose about 1.6 kg's per week. 8 weeks = 12.8 kg's.

Currently, I am at 106.6 kg's. So if I loose 12.8 I'd be at 93.8kg's. I will be over the moon with that, but, if I can get below 90 I'd would be the best christmas present ever.

I am off to Cape Town this weekend for a wedding, the weekend therafter I have a Round Table area conference, and then the year end parties start.

The plan -

To get at least 45 minutes  per day of some kind of workout 6 times per week.
I am getting back to gym in the mornings from tommorow.
Cardio in the evenings.

I lost everything I have by just eating better and cutting out most carbs, I will have to keep that going.

I will blog more, as it gives me a space to moniter my progress. I'll use my Iphone a bit more. The tactio health app is really cool, and I'll make sure to input data more. With sports tracker I can see how far I have gone and for how long, plus, music helps while I walk/jog.

It's not quite hot enough yet, but summer is coming fast. So here is hopefully my secret weapon. I want to get back in the pool. I have always been quite a good swimmer, and there is few other sports that gives you a full body workout like swimming does. My plan is to go for a nice 40 minute swim in my lunch break, and see the kilo's fall off.

In the end it still boils down to this - The more you put in, the more you nees to put out!

I'll be trying to limit the what I put in, to heathly options, and put out as much energy as possible.

I have been reading quite a few weight loss blogs and success stories, and I honestly can't wait to be able to post my own before and after pics!



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