Monday, 19 November 2012

weigh in winning

I`m not Charlie Sheen winning yet, but I'm getting closer. Here's the weekend update.

I am down to 105kg's dead, wished it was 104.9, but still, it's coming down. That 99.9kg mark keeps creeping closer, and I am really looking forward to it! Wife got out of hospital on Saturday, I feel so bad for her part. She has been exercising like a crazy person but needs to relax now and let her wounds heel for at least 2 weeks. She is really unhappy about this.

We had a good weekend at home and just relaxed as she can't do much, and needed to rest. I'm very happy with my weekend, never really overindulged, and kept my diet in good nick. I probably could have had some more water, but I am back on water again this morning, and I have knocked back about a liter so far.

My wife suggested we start jogging together once she is up and running again, it's something I am looking forward to, plus, we can do it together, it will just take me some more time to get to her fitness level. My big dream is to do the 2oceans with her next year, and if we can get training there is no reason why I can't run 21.1km come March next year. So that is a big goal, and I am looking forward to that journey, I am positive I will loose even more weight along the way, and it is a great goal to work towards. I love spending time with my wife, and if we can train together, and do the odd race together, it will be awesome.

So here's to a new week, and new goals, and loosing 5 more kilo's



Friday, 16 November 2012

Wife in hospital, and I am still doing good!

My wife started feeling bad on Monday, long story short, she ended up going to her GP on Wednesday, who immediately booked her into hospital, as she was dehydrated. Found out about 10 minutes ago that her appendix is going to be removed this afternoon. So, please spare a thought for her. It's been kind of boring being all alone at home, and I did some stuff I'd never do when she's around. I watched a whole lot of SuperSport last night, and had a swim in our pool with the dogs, who are both clearly missing her. In other news, my diet is going great, and so is my workout regime. Looking forward to the weekend, I have got a yearend function brunch tomorrow, and the rest will be spend lounging around, watching rugby, the odd braai, and more lounging around.

Enjoy your weekend, we'll chat Monday, when it's weigh in time!



Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Going Strong

A good friend gave me a huge compliment today. He said that I should watch out, because soon my pants will start falling off.  So I know I am winning this battle of the bulge. People are noticing, and that makes a heap of a difference to my mentality, and just motivates me to keep going. I played some squash last night, it was good fun, very exhausting, and a pretty good 40 min workout. I will be going for a swim in my lunch hour today, and hopefully at least twice a week. It makes more sense to me, plus, I'll have some more time at home to fix what needs to be fixed, and I can then swim in my lunch break, and play squash at night.

In other news, my wife is down with a bad stomach flu, I am hoping I don't catch it. Feel really sorry for her, she hates being sick, but for one or another reason she gets sick quite often.

I am really hoping Monay's weigh in will be a good one, I am working my ass off to make it that way.

That's it for now, I am off to my first lunch time swim session.



Sunday, 11 November 2012

I am gaining weight...says my scale

Well, I picked up about 1 kg since my last weigh in  a week ago. The thing is, with all the swimming and squash and some weight training, I figure I may have gained a little bit of muscle. My beer belly is definitely smaller, I feel lighter, and I am definitely fitter than I have been in a long time. I am still very disappointed that I didn't loose any weight this week. I;ll keep on going to the pool this week, check what I eat, and hopefully next Monday I have dropped some again. I'm just going to go all out this week and do as much training as possible, and eat all the high protein good stuff. So here is to another week on the journey, and to keepin going.

Good luck to you all on your journey's.



weigh in time

106.7 kg's

I am still happy.

I had a super weekend, and the summer is here in full force, today I can look forward to a nice mellow 41 degrees!

So I am looking forward to my swim this evening.

I'll do a proper post soon!



Friday, 9 November 2012

some motivation

Another busy weekend ahead. Weigh in on Monday.

Here is some inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I got stuck at work last night, only left at 19:45. Had some healthy high protein dinner! And then on the squash courts with R. It was no joke, really battled. All land all, a very good 40 minute workout. I am sure swimming is just as bad, I just feel better in the water. Back to the pool tonight. Legs, arms and shoulders in pain today, but it is a good pain!

Have a good Wednesday.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Swimming and Winning

105.7 kg, that's where I'm at.
I'm over the moon.

Woke up this morning not really feeling it, got on the scale, saw 106.7kg and immediately I was amped to get back in the pool tonight, eat right, and get to the magical 2 digits I long for as soon as possible.

Had a double wammy workout last night. Fist went for a good 40 minute swim session, which left me exhausted. I am still cramping in the pool, but I can feel that I am getting stronger, fitter, meaner and leaner.

Then I went home, put on some fresh gear, and headed to the squash courts, build up a good sweat, and really enjoyed the outing. I'll definitely work some more squash games into my week. It's good fun, and me and my playing partner are pretty even so that makes for good intense games.

Had 2 lamb chops for dinner, a lot of water during the day, and some muesli and fruits.

All is good, I am happy.

My wife, my brother and his wife, and 4 of my mates gym in the morning. They go at 5:30. I want to join, but it's just so damn early. Looking into playing squash in the mornings rather than gym, and then I will have to do some weight exercises somewhere else in the day.

Have a good Tuesday.


  1. I'm married to the best part of my morning, noon, and night.
  2. I'm getting fitter.
  3. I'm feeling lighter.
  4. I'm becoming healthy living personified (with a few beers thrown in)
  5. We have bought a house.
  6. I have more than enough friends who laughs with me.
  7. It's summer, the sun is shining, and I am alive and kicking.
  8. I live in the most beautiful, diverse, and overall most awesome country in the world, ever.
  9. Work is great.
  10. I look forward to waking up in the morning!

This is from Chris's blog over here.

L8r gators.


Today I am proud, happy, and amazed to report that I behaved well this weekend!

Friday night me and the wife chilled out at home, I had a nice stir fry for dinner, I made it with fresh veggies, and some lean beef. It was really good, and I did not even really miss the pasta or rice that would normally go with it.

Saturday morning I had some leftover stir fry for breakfast, then off to work, and then I went for a Nice 300m swim. It wasn't much off a session, but I felt good about just going and getting my heart rate elevated for a while.

For lunch, me and some mates went out to a new place in town, it's pretty Mexican, so I had some chicken wings and a piece of smoked pork rib. It was awesome. Again I didn't have any chips or bread even though there was and I have had a few drinks.

We met up with our wife's and had a big night out, it was a heap of fun, I had my Whisky and water, and maybe 1 or 2 Jagermeisters to many, but it was still much better than any other big Saturday night.

On Sunday I had some watermelon for breakfast, and then the wife and I went for a nice 2 hour cruise on our boat. The river was nice, and not windy at all, she got her tan on and I just relaxed and cruised along.

I drank  more than enough water, and I am really happy with how the weekend went. Weigh in tomorrow morning.

You must all have a great week.


Friday, 2 November 2012

it's the weeeeekend baby

Monday is weigh in again, I am looking forward to it.

I have had a fantastic week so far, I have eaten better than ever before, and really restricted my intake to the good stuff. I also drank a huge amount of water. I have enjoyed most of my healthy meals, and I am pretty stoked that I have done this for 5 days straight. I have also got my exercise in the pool everyday for at least 40 minutes.

It's the Weekend baby...and that scares me.

Routine is different, and there is more time for lounging around and drinks and braais and parties.

I am back in the pool after work, for another 1km session. This will be day 5 in  a row! I am getting fitter and can feel the difference every day.

Tonight, me and the wife will just chill at home and have something healthy to eat. Tomorrow I am working, and hoping to go for a swim after work, luckily I only work from 9 -12 tommorow.

And then we don't have any plans, so we will have to see what happens, either way, I am sticking to my guns this weekend, and staying healthy thru the weekend.

This is a lifestyle that I want to change, not a diet I am following.

Here's to reporting on Monday that I have been a good boy!

Enjoy your weekend,


Thursday, 1 November 2012

A poem ... bwahahahaha

I feel funny today, probably because summer is here, it's a nice and hot 36 degrees here today, so, I figured I'd celebrite summer with a poem :


My blog keeps track of my weight,
Training, beers and ice cream when it’s late.
I want to lose this gut,
It puts me in a rut.
Previous posts will show my love of food,
The extra 20kg’s I carry put me in a bad mood.
I read your blogs for inspiration,
The hotdogs I ate can feed a nation.
Jack shit getting fit, thanks for your inspiration,
It is resulting in my perspiration.

114.4 kg’s is my starting weight,
I am 10 down, o, they protein I have ate.

99.9 is around the corner, never say never,
I’ll be happier than ever.

Once I am there,
My body will know I care.

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