Thursday, 20 September 2012


My parents will be having their 30th wedding aniversary over the weekend. We are all heading out to Jeffreys Bay. Will be nice to have the whole family there. Probably won't be good for my waistline! Figure I will go for a proper walk everyday. For one or another reason, I find it much easier to train at any other destination than my home town. Anywhere near the coast seems just so much niceer, easier and more enjoyable. A change of scenery is all it is I suppose. I'll be gone untill Wednesday, so chat then.

The reason I changed my blog title, is that I have been followed by one or two people who should'nt be following me! Hopefulle I dropped them now!

Enjoy your Phuza Thursday!



Tuesday, 18 September 2012


It seems that at last I am getting used to sleeping with my CPAP machine. It took me the better part of a month, but I have got it sorted now. I played around with the settings quite alot and I now have found that by putting the heater completely off, I sleep like a dead horse. I like the clod wind, and that makes a big difference. My mouth is pretty dry when I wake up, but it is 100% worth it. I found some great info on on how to change my own pressure settings. I took it from for to 6.5 and it is making a world of differnce. Still think my mask may be a little to big, so I might invest in another one somewhere down the line.

Summer is almost here, which means earlier mornings and later evenings, but best of all, it means we have got sun, and warm weather!I have lost just over 10 kilo's from the 1st of May up untill now. That is about 2.5 kilo's a month, or 700 g a week. I have read that men can loose up to 1.5 kilo's per week, and it will still be seen is helathy weight loss. I really have not been doing much exercising at all. And have mostly just been cutting out carbs where I can, and making informed choices when I eat. What I have noticed is that my weight is staying down. Also, without all the refines shit and carbs like white bread, I don't feel as bloted as I used too. So the new dat is 1 Desember 2012. I want to be at 89.9 kg's then. It's something to work towards, and I am actually looking forward to that.

The Summer is Magic.



Monday, 10 September 2012


Morning all,

Still have not weighed myself. Feeling a bit slimmer though! Will do weigh in again early next week. Eagerly awaiting summer, tired of the cold weather and dark mornings.

Have a good Tuesday!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


My first post on this blog was on the 2nd of May, I then weighed a 112kg's. Today, 5 months later, I weigh 103kg's. To be honoust, with all the sickness and shit I have been through, and all the meds and stuff, I really that do close to fuckall excersise wise. Still, it is 9 kg's later. What has changed, is that weighing 89kg's does'nt seem all that impossible anymore. I know it is still a long way to go, but I feel as though I am on the journey, and slowly making progress. My big ideal for September is to get back into the 90's. I dont care if it is 99.99kg's, just getting under a 100kg's will be fanfuckingtastic. That is basiclly 3 kilo's in a 27 days, which I think I can do even before the end of the month. The big goal has changed a bit though - I want to get to 85 Kilo's by 1 December 2012. That is three solid months, and that's what I am going for. Also, I need my waist to get down to 110cm. At the moment I am at 127, in may I was 136. They say you should be at less than 100cm. We will see if I can get there.

I am back on my bike, and had quite a tough 40 minutes last night. It went terrible, and my legs need to get back in shape. My plan is to do at least 40 minutes of cardio of some sorts per day, and then start incorporating some weight/resistance training.

Having shakes and apples and salads and proteins, and trying to completely cut out refined shit like soft drinks, white breads, sweets etc.

Whiskey or Whisky and water is my drink of choice now.

We took some photo's last Sunday, I am hoping I can do a nice before and after set come December.

I'll keep you posted.


2 months later

Yo all,


I have been missing for 2 months! Haha, well I am back. Here is a short summary of what happened while I was gone:

I passed out at work, spent a night in the hospital. Went to see about a billion doctors to find out why. Ended up at a Neurologist who monitored me over night to see what happens in my brain while I am sleeping.

Got the following news: I wake up 26 times per hour. This keeps me tired and seems to be the reason I suffer from high blood pressure, high sugar, and my weight to name but a few.

It was quite a surprise getting the news, I figured I sleep pretty well. Turns out I don’t, at all.

At least this is some news, which makes me feel better. I am sleeping with a machine now, which basically gives you more air, and pushes air into my lungs when I stop breathing! I am definitly feeling more awake during the day.

 That's the machine I sleep with, and it is working great.

It does take some time to get used to it, and you should start feeling a big difference in about 3 weeks. I have been using it for about 10 days now, still getting used to it. But I do feel much better in the mornings and much more awake during the afternoon.

Anyhow, that was to bring you up to speed, next I'll post on the weight loss...