Tuesday, 13 January 2015


So I am down a few. This week has started great. Had a nice walk home from work last night and another this morning. Also had breakfast this morning, and hoping to make a habit of that. I think most of the weight I lost in the last week was probably down to me having a proper stomach bug. Still, I'll take it! Feeling better know and finishing my pills today.

The plan is to keep away from sugar, starchy stuff, and the carbs. I know everyone does not believe or support the whole LCHF idea, and I am also not 100% convinced. What I will say, is that parts of it seems to work for me. Carbs definitely screw around with my blood sugar. If I stick to more salads and proteins I do have more energy. And feel fuller for longer. I am not so big on the whole fat thing though. As far as sugar is concerned, I am trying to give that a miss as far as possible.

Well, still far to go. I am more than 20 kg's away from where I want to be,  and about 7 away from where I have been.

Hitting 99.9 kg's will be BIG. And that's about 11 kg's away. I'd like to get there before April.

Let's do this.

Have a good one!


Monday, 5 January 2015

Wooohoooo - Lets go 2015!

Well, 2014 was fun. Many parties, many burgers, many beers, many travels and not too much issues! On the bad side, none of the above mentioned turned into significant weight loss!

I know there are still a few of you who read and follow my blog, so you will no what to expect. So without any further ado, here is my goal list for 2015.

Hope you have a great, successful and fun filled 2015!

2015 Goals

  1. Weigh in at 89.9 kg's.
  2. Quit Smoking.
  3. Do 1 Half Marathon.
  4. Never Diet - Change my lifestyle.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Generate extra income.
  7. Have a kid.
  8. Buy a new lounge suite.
  9. Travel somewhere I have not been before.
  10. Appreciate my wife more.
  11. Write something - even if it's a short story.
  12. Buy a bicycle.
  13. Do 1 proper trip with my motorbike.
  14. Have a proper, huge, epic 30th birthday party.
  15. Buy a new motorbike helmet.
  16. Plant something that we can eat, cabbage, tomatoes, anything.
  17. Improve something at house that will increase the value.
  18. Buy a gas braai.
  19. Laugh more than in 2014.
  20. Have even more fun than in 2014.
Hopefully I'll be back before next year to blog some more. 

All the best