Friday, 28 December 2012

THE 2012 recap

Firstly, sorry I have not updated this blog in such a long time. Here's the honest truth:

I fell of the wagon, my diet has been non existent in the last month, I ate like a pig, drank like Lindsay Lohan and did as much exercise as Michael Moore. It's all part and parcel, and here then, the highs, lows and memories of 2012.


  • Getting depressed, sick, passing out at work.
  • Gaining weight...again
  • Not loosing what I wanted to.
  • Screwed up at work due to sickness.


  • Buying a new house
  • My CPAP machine
  • Getting my sickness sorted out with above.
  • My 2 year anniversary.
  • Losing about 10 kilo's
  • Lot's more laughs than cries.
  • Family that yet again showed that they care, more than I'd ever imagine.
  • A WIFE - that stuck around through the worst times, and made the best times that much better.
Life is life, and we have to life it. I had some bad times in 2012, it was far from the best year of my life, and it may have been the worse. There was some real bad times, times where it really felt as if I was at the bottom of the pit.

Then there was the good times, which where very good. The smiles, laughs, parties, spending time at home with my wife and feeling 100% content and happy. Parties with my dad, mom, brothers and good friends. That's the times that make it all worth while, and that will always keep my HIGH list much more interesting and longer than my LOW list.

Here's to a 2013 without a low list, and a very long HIGH list.

Thanks for reading my blog in 2012, I'll be back in 2013, to welcome a new year of weight loss, diet ups and downs. And life in general.

Start your 2013 on a high, and end 2012 like there is no tomorrow.


Sunday, 2 December 2012


It's been two hectic weeks. I was on the road quite a lot, didn't get as much sleep as I should have, and ate some really bad meals in between.

I`m back on the horse though. I'll only do a weigh in tomorrow morning, but I feel bloated, constipated, and all and all pretty fucking fat. Hopefully I didn't gain to much, or maybe I am in for one hell of a surprise. I hope so. 1 Month left of what has been the weirdest year of my life.

I'll still do a 2013 recap post, but we still have some days left, and I still have some kilo's to drop.

Have a good week.

Make a difference.