Wednesday, 28 August 2013

100 DAYS - Let's do this

Yep, I know I put some things down that I want to do yesterday. Blog More, eat healthy, exercise, loose weight, all the usual.

Then I started playing around with dates, and found out that if I start my journey on Monday, the 2nd of September, and go on for 100 days, I will be done on my wedding anniversary, the 10th of December 2013.

So there it is, it is 100 days to blog more, do more, loose more, get fit and get healthy.

I will do my best to blog more about the journey, and to see how much I can loose, and to turn my lifestyle around.

In other news, we are renovating our house, which is nice, we are building an exterior wall and taking down the palisades. Painting the house, and renovating a few things. We are using the old palisades to make 2 separate enclosures, so that we can give our garden a break form the dogs and also get that looking pretty. The dogs are going mad with all the painters and builders around the house, and hopefully they can finish up within three weeks.

I played some golf yesterday, it was nice summer like weather and a really nice round. I can see that I have not been playing much though! It was still fun, I did realise that I really do need to work out more as I am pretty unfit and got tired with about 4 holes left, which really did not help my already struggling round!

The wife and a friend has taking up cross fit, she seems to be enjoying it but complained big time this morning of a sore everything, especially legs. I still envy her drive and motivation. Hopefully I can also get on that band wagon.

Well, that's that for August then, Sunday is September, spring time, and time to make the change.

It's 100 days,

Let's to this!



Monday, 26 August 2013

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER - Slimmer, Fitter, December

Yep, Here I go again...another month, another challenge, another blog post, another way to get myself in shape!


  1. Weigh in once a week
  2. Blog at least once a week
  3. Loose weight
  4. Get Fit
That's it, I will stick to my low carb plans, eat better, train more and smarter, and let's see how much I can shed in 3 months.

I figure that if I really go for it, it might be quite a lot, not 20kg's a lot, but a minimum if 12.

I will do the weigh in tomorrow.

I will blog more.

I will loose some more.

The summer is coming.

Let's do this.

Anyone joining?



Wednesday, 7 August 2013


That is what's been happening. Too busy, Too many excuses. Yep, it has been a hectic few weeks. Lots of meetings, a few memorable hunting trips which stocked my freezer nicely with heaps of protein - biltong & droewors and chillibites to be exact. It has been fun, it has been relaxing, and it has seen me pick up weight and overindulging big time. This weekend it's my 10 year high school reunion. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and having a few beers with old school mates. Thinking back I realised the me of ten years ago would be pretty pissed off with my current state of affairs.

Here's what I know would bother him:

  • You are a smoker - 10 years ago me hated smoking, he was way to fit and active to partake in such nonsense.
  • You are a Fat ass - I now weigh 25kg's more then 10 years ago me. 10 years ago me would kick my ass.
  • You are unfit - 10 years ago me did 5 Cape Argus Cycle Tours - and two of those in just over 3 hours. He played rugby, he swam provincially, he could easily do a 10km run, he played squash, tennis, did athletics, cricket, and any other sport. He was as fit as he could possible be.
Here's what might please him:

  • Hell yeah - You married a blond hottie - well done son.
  • You have a proper job.
  • You are earning good money.
  • You bought a house.
  • You have a fucking huuuuuge flat screen.
  • You seem very happy - fatness and all.
I grew up a lot in 10 years, both mentally and obviously physically!

I am proud of where I am today, but I wont to please 10 years ago me again, for him, for myself.

I was a very tough competitor, I was fit, I hated loosing, I had so much fun and energy.

I will get there again, one kilogram at a time.