Thursday, 19 September 2013

The week in review - it's been great

It's been the most healthy, active, great workout week that I have had in the last 10 years. Hand down. Easy.

I worked in 3 Cross Fit sessions. All 3 were hectic, and left me terribly sore. I did 500 rope skips last night. I am feeling sore and tired and achy and excited and proud all at the same time.

I ate great, and I mean really great. I drank lots of water, I had no sugars, I was a machine this week.


That's what's left in my own little 100 day challenge. If I have another 82 days like the last 5 than I will be a mean, lean, fighting machine come 11 December.

Weigh in time on Monday morning. I am looking forward to it and I am super excited. I know I lost weight these first 18 days. I just don't know how much. I am deliberately leaving the weigh in till Monday morning in the hope that it will help me behave this weekend and hopefully work in another workout or two and eat clean.

It's happening.

See you on Monday.

Have a great weekend.



Monday, 16 September 2013


As promised, I did my first Cross Fit Workout last night. So here is some feedback.

When we arrived and I saw the program, I honestly figured that it would be a breeze. We did the following in 1 minute reps with 1 minute rests in between each exercise. he idea was to do 5 sets of each.

We started off with 12 minutes on the spinning bikes, and then:

  1. Lunges - 60 seconds of lunging to 90 degrees and back up, there is no resistance, only body weight.
  2. Followed by 60 seconds rest.
  3. Push ups - as many as you can do in 60 seconds.
  4. Followed by 60 seconds rest.
  5. Box Jumps - you basically jump onto a box that's about knee high for 60 seconds.
  6. Followed by 60 seconds rest.
  7. Weight Lifting - 60 seconds of lifting a 20kg bar from chest to overhead.
  8. Followed by 60 seconds rest.
  9. Dumbbell Swings - 60 seconds of swinging a 10 kg kettle ball from the floor to chest height.
And that was that, I managed 3 sets of each. I am properly sore today, but it is a good sore.

Eating is going brilliantly, and I will start taking some protein shakes to help with recovery.

I am now signed on to do 3 sessions a week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Looking forward to it actually, and hoping to do some cardio and light weight training on my own on the off days.

It's going good!



Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Well, the 100 days challenge is going pretty well. I am still feeling a little snotty, but much better than on Monday. Here is the big news then, I have signed on to do Crossfit from Monday. I am looking forward to it, and I am also sacred shitless. I am joining my wife and another couple from Monday night. She is excited as it is something we can do together, and I am excited because I have seen the massive amount of weight people have lost doing Crossfit. So from Monday I'll be going balls to the wall for the rest of the 100 day challenge.

Really looking forward to the weekend, the Boks play the All Blacks on Saturday morning and I have a good pals bachelor party from 15:00 on Saturday afternoon. Friday night we have a birthday party I just remembered now, so it's a busy weekend.

Food wise it's going okay. It's not great. It will go much better once I start training Monday, I tend to be able to keep my diet in check much easier when I work out. I think it is a bit of a guilt thing I put myself on. Like, you just sweated your ass off for 40 minutes, why would you eat that double cheese burger, chips and milkshake now and waste that whole workout. When I don't workout it's as if I am thinking that I have done nothing anyway, might as well eat that burger you fat ass burger lover, and then you will feel better, and be healthy again tomorrow. Sorry I rambled there a bit, hope it makes sense!

So, I'll be checking in and letting you know how the Crossfit thing went down, I figure I will probably go down, anyhoo, no pain no gain right?



Monday, 9 September 2013


So, 7 days gone, 93 to go.

Monday and Tuesday went well. Wednesday also went quite well, we went out for dinner with friends and I had a steak and some veg. No fries for this guy!

Thursday went well, I had a small piece of garlic bread but otherwise it was all good.

Friday night a buddy and his wife came to visit, we ended up drinking way to many whiskeys and I had about 3 pizza slices.

Saturday I had a few beers with the rugby. It's not like I can drink water while we smashed the Wallabies! Had a wrap for dinner and were pretty healthy during the week.

Yesterday I had some chicken and veg. The in laws joined us for lunch and I had some ice cream for dessert.

All and all it could have gone much worse this first week.

I am still pretty sick and all the dust hanging around the house while we are building are really not helping my sinus issues!

Here's what I am aiming for this week:

  • HYDRATE - keep on drinking water
  • EAT - have some more foods during the day
  • SWEAT - walk, gym, I must get my heart rate up at least 5 times in the next 7 days.
  • BLOG - I need to keep track
Hope you all have a great week!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Day 2 report

Well, yesterday was day 1 of my 100 days challenge. And food wise I had a great day. I had more than 2 litres of water. Future Life for breakfast, a 3 egg omelette for lunch, some biltong during the day, and a nice salad of tomatoes, a bit of feta and cucumber for dinner.

I could not work out as my and the wife are both down with the flu, I am feeling a little better today, so I am hoping to do some cardio and gym work tonight.

If you feel like you need inspiration or a good cry, head on over here.


That is one of the greatest posts I have read, ever, in my life, ever, and will probably be one the greatest posts I read in my life, ever.

I will be blogging about that post and you're story soon. Well done son!

I'll check back tomorrow, have a great Tuesday!