Monday, 28 May 2012


It's a very happy Monday for me! My weigh in was this morning, and it was some good news! 107.8 is 6.6 kg's lighter than 14 days ago.

Very good motivation to keep it going! Have got a bit of a runny nose, but I am fighting through it! Going to gym tonight and then for 1 30 min cardio session, either walking/jogging or a cycle.

Hope you have an awesome week.


Friday, 25 May 2012


Still have'nt weighed myself. I have done 15 days of the high protein/shake diet. And atleast 30 minutes cardio to go along with it. Hoping to start doing some gym work from Monday in the evenings after work. It feels as if I might have lost a few kilo's. So hold thumbs for Monday, let's hope I get there. I have had 2 days where I have just been drinking USN's diet fuel. I have one serving in the morning and one around 15:00 and then another around 18:00. They keep me feeling pretty full and the Phedra cut also seem to make most cravings go away. Still noticing that I feel more energized/awake now that I am not eating any bread/pasta.etc. What I don't miss is that tiredness and lethargic feeling you get after absobing a nice big fat pizza! The cravings still there bet it feels as if it is getting a little bit better. Made my wife ( who now has the flu, about a week after me) some butternut soup and a few pieces of toasted ciabatta the other night. It took some will power not to have a bite of bread! Have made a few interresting meals meals without any carbs the last week. Had kudu steak strips with veggie stir fry, a whole lot of boiled eggs with spinach, and about 5 different saleads with biltong, meat strips, tuna, pilchards. I have noticed that you can still enjoy making these healthy foods and with enough garlic and chilli, they actually taste great! I will start taking pics of the food I make and maybe some of the places I go walking so that you can get a better idea. Planning a walk with the dogs tonight for about 3 kilo's. This will be the 5th night and I am starting to look forward to it. I pop some nice upbeat tunes onto my Iphone and that keeps me going for a good 30 minutes. I am going for a nice light mountain bike session tommorow morning, and I am hoping to do about 15 km in 45 or so minutes. I am only coming in to work at 09:00 so I'll start my Saturday with a nice workout. e are just chilling tonight as the wife is still not feeling her best. We have a party tommorow eve so hopefulle she feels better by then!

I'll post some pics and an update tommorow.
Go the Stormers,
Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Back in town after 4 days in Cape Town. Have been trying out the protein diet, call it what you want - Tim Noakes/Palio/Atkins. It has been a week now and I have stuck to it rigirously, have had rice one, in Cape Town, had 2 pieces of sushi. Otherwise, no soft drinks, or pasta/bread products of any kind. There is a few changes:

* Definitly less lithargic and tired.
* No heartburn whatsoever.
* Less bloated constipated.

It feels like I dropped a kilo or two. Have'nt been doing any training as I was still sick. Much better now and ready for a nice jog/walk tommorow morning.

I think I will only weigh myself on Monday, and then post the progress.

Have a good Tuesday!


Monday, 14 May 2012

STATS 14 MAY 2012

Weekend went well, partied like arock star and had way too much to eat, it was mothers day after all. Anyhow, let's get ready to rumble, Hopefully the next stats update is better!

WEIGHT - 114.2

Have a good week.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Weekend Baby

Still feeling a little sick. Much better though. I should be ready to roll out of bed on Monday and start the training and weight loss mission until 6 August. I am losing as much as possible but 20 will stay the magical figure! Have got my brother and his fiance's housewarming tonight. Then another birthday party tommorow night, and Sunday a mothers day lunch at our place. So, this will then be a weekend full of food, fun and drinks! I have started many things on Monday's so I am going all out this weekend, and from Monday I will trim and slim down at one helluva rate! (holding thumbs)! Going to get the wife to help me take all my measurements on Sunday eve, and then I will post the whole lot and start tracking my weightloss. You must all have a super weekend! Chat next week!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Well,had to skip work the last 2 days, I was down and out with the a bad cold. Wish it was just man flu but this was a proper cold. Still feel like shit today and still on a bunch of meds. Figure I should be better by Monday, so hopefully I can start working out on Monday. Have not weighed myself yet, and will do that on Monday as well. Figure I might have dropped 1 or 2 kilo's as I have'nt really been eating much. Back on the job today and got some catching up today. We sold our house and are now hunting for a new one. Wife much more amped than me. I just feel down and out with this cold and ball of fur in my head. Not much fun. Looking forward to a nicer, bigger place - just need to find one now, and start repaying a fresh new home loan! I'll post my stats on Monday.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Monday - Let Down

Had a good weekend.

Set my alarm for 5:30 this morning, wanted to go out for a walk/jog for 45 min. Woke up feeling like shit, stil feel like shit. Have got a proper flu. Will try and knock off work early get some shut eye, and hopefully be ready to roll tommorow morning. Doing a bit of a detox till Wednesday, only having a diet shake or two and lots of water. Had an expo for work this weekend and ate and drank a ton of processed stuff. So I am going to try and flush  my system a little bit. Have a good week.

Hoping I can post about my morning workout tommorow morning.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

STATS 2 MAY 2012

Jo Jo,

So here is the weigh in:

112.5 kg's
Waist - 132 cm

Weight to loose to 1 December - 22.6 KG's

Let's get it started!

Long weekend!

Well, with yesterdays public holiday and the long weekend that preceeded it, it was not a great weight loss weekend! We chilled out alot, and I baked a cake. Not what you would call the optimal weight loss regime. Anyhow, I have a docters appointment for the 8th of August. It is a checkup after the first appointment of a month ago. I have decided to at least be below 95kg’s on my next visit. That will please the cardiologist, but it will please me even more. With that in mind, I have to loose a whole lot of kg’s till the 8th of August. In a way, it is quite nice, seeing that it gives me a new target to aim for. It’s 3 months to shed as much weight as possible. It works out to about 5 k’s every month, which works out to about 0.16 k’s per day.Which souns alot easier! Wife has as idea that I should start trainng with her in the mornings. looks like I will have to give it a go!

11 by 12

Here is 11 things I really want to do, be able to say, by the 12 month:

1. I reached my target weight – 89.9 kg’s.
This is the big goal, this is what I am here for, this is what I will do.

2. I have quit smoking – for good – for ever.
I have tried many a time, I have read about people quitting when they start to exercise as you really don’t feel like it – I hope I will be one of those people.

3. I can run a half marathon.
I never was much of a runner, I was a good cyclist and swimmer – this is something I figure I could do – I have 6 months to get there. Tommorow will be an early morning!

4. Get my waist below 100cm.
I’m currently at 130cm, it should be 94cm, if I am below 100, I would be happy!

5. Get rid of most of my pills.
I drink a wide array of pills, for all kinds of stuff, losing weight and quitting smoking should get me of a few. – More on this later.

6. Never diet – ever.
I don’t want to loose weight, and put it on again, I want to keep it off, lifetyle change – not fad diet change.

7. Be commited
To keep loosing weight, keep running/swimming/cycling/going to gym.

8. Get positive.
I can be depressed – sometimes. I am no fun then, I don’t need that.

9. Appreciate my wife, more
I love her to death, she does a whole lot of shit I take for granted.

10. Enjoy work
I spend half my life there – it should be more fun.

11. Be exited about getting up.
Not everyday, just a whole lot more days.

Hello interwebs

I wil be using this blog to track my own personal weight loss and fitness journey.
I am a 27 year old guy who weighs 112kg’s. I am aiming to get my weight down to 89 kg’s. That’s 23 kilos I want to loose! I have no set date I am reaching for but obviously the sooner the better!
I used to be a keen sportsman and excelled at quite a few sports. Unfortunelty, I piled on weight after school at a steady pace ad put on about 35 kg’s in 10 years. Breaking it down, it is’nt that much per year. I’m just hoping it won’t take ten years to get rid of it again!
I have been inactive for the past 4 years so I will start slowly but surely. Along the way I will add pictures and stuff so that you can follow my progress as I go along this journey.
I amusing this blog to not only motivate myself, but to hopefully get some motivation from a reader or two as time goes on.