Monday, 2 July 2012

About a month

Had a big weekend away with some old mates from high school. We did some hunting and quite a bot of drinking. My weight is still exactly the same. I have decided to do a bit of detoxing this week after all the bad stuff I put in my body this weekend. I have had 4 Phedra-Cuts this morning, and about 2 l water. Had 4 more Phedra-Cuts for lunch and I'll have 4 more around 4'0 clock this afternoon. Not planning to eat anything today and I am trying to flush my system a bit today. From tommorow onwards I'll get back on the Meal replacement shakes during the day and healthy anti carb options for dinner. Hoping to get back into training somewhere this week! i have done quite a lot of reading on the matter and the vote seems to still be out on whether you actually loose more kilo's excersing than dieting. With millions of different views around, I tried to make it easier for myself and summed it up as follows:

To loose weight you need to put out more energy than you put in. That pretty much sums it up. From there, you need to look at what you put in. That's where i decided to go high protein low carb. Also important for me was to cut sugar, which translates into leaving out all soda's and fruit juices.


  • Red Meat, not to fatty
  • Chicken - breasts mainly
  • Fish - a lot of tinned tuna
  • Eggs - hardboiled and kept in fridge for whenever
  • Salads - with any of above - mostly leafy
  • Fruits, moderatly - alot of sugar
  • Water in big quintities
  • Meal replacement shakes.
Very busy at work, as always. I am still pretty depressed, not getting any better. I wish there was a way to describe how I feel. I have'nt been in a good mood in forever. I find myself trying to confince myself that I am in a good mood. It feels like I am constantly in a dark shitty place. Try to remind myself that I have lot's to be greatfull for, but hell, even that does'nt seem to help.

I am hoping some excersize will lift my spirits. To not laugh, not sleep and not enjoy life, is not what we are here for.

I'll do a stat update soon.