Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I have a dangerous addiction with hot dogs. Not just the hot dog itself, but very much also with a special hot dog sauce. More on the sauce later. Firstly, a few hot dog basics.


Go for a soft roll, white, and not crispy, most importantly, fresh.

The Sausage, Wors, Vienna, Dog

It should'nt be huge, you are looking for a thin sausage, so that you still have enough space for the sauce. Some people insists on boerewors, recipe here. I enjoy anything thin and warm, but like viennas, and german frankfurters the most. In the end, this is up to you.

The Sauce

I first had this sauce in primary school, then spent a few years after school looking for it, now, here you go.

Sautee n onion untill translusant, then add equal parts of the following -

ANY Margerine
MS BALLS chutney
ALL Gold Tomato Suace

Let it all simmer for a few minutes, and taste away, you can freeze this sauce and reheat as you wish.

I am sure you can use another brand of chutney or Tomato Sauce, but this is the best quality, best tasting, hot dog sauce ever. And you can eat it on anything else. Works nicely on burgers, and even chicken and steak.

Unfortunetly this is not a calorie counting meal, but rather something I miss everyday, and I eat as much as possible, when I conveniently forget that I should be on a diet!

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