Thursday, 7 February 2013


Sorry I ave been MIA the last few days! I had to go to Jozi for a meeting or two. It was good fun, but my diet regime did suffer. The hotel had a gym, and I managed to make it there once. Otherwise, I ate too much, drank to much, and was behaving badly overall on the diet front. Still, I skipped the breads at breakfast, and the pastries. I feel like I might have picked up some weight, I am hoping it wasn't much. I have decided I am only getting back on the scale somewhere after the 20th of this month. I would hate to put a red weigh in on my page. So have some more time to make sure it will be green. The wife and I are also off to Cape Town for a quick holiday and a friends wedding. So lots of temptation, and I will have to make sure I keep working out and eating right. I need to loose weight, I need to live life, and I need to find that lifestyle balance. I am getting there!


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