Tuesday, 29 January 2013

what i am eating

Well, people are starting to notice I am losing weight. And it is bloody marvellous! A friend asked me what I ate, which is why I am doing this blog post.


I have never been a fan of breakfast. Alas, after much research, you really need to put something in your body to restore your sugar levels, and to get your metabolism going. I get up, and I am doing weight training 10 minutes later - you do loose more weight training on an empty stomach - and then, right after my workout, I have breakfast. I have used USN's Diet Fuel before, and it worked a charm, review here. I have now changed to USN pure protein. I have the vanilla, it's sweet and easy to get down. It definitely helps with my recovery, and it leaves me feeling full until around 12.

SNACK 12 ish

I have a small serving of oats, either plain, or with a little milk, or with a bit of peanut butter.


Either 2 fruits or some weet bix

SNACK 4 ish

A piece of watermelon, an apple, some more oats if I need it.


Eggs - scrambled, omelette's, poached, 3 eggs - with something healthy, a salad, some tuna, whatever.

This seems to be working for me, I am loosing weight, most of all I am energised.

I also have a multivitamin every day.

I drink a bucket load of water, usually 3 litres.

I am loosing weight.

I am energised.

I feel good.

99 is not far now!



  1. That is awesome!

    So exciting that people are noticing your weight loss, and that you feel energised and healthy.

  2. Thanks Natalie, I always appreciate your comments, I think you are one of the 7 people who actually read my blog every now and then! Have a good one!