Tuesday, 18 September 2012


It seems that at last I am getting used to sleeping with my CPAP machine. It took me the better part of a month, but I have got it sorted now. I played around with the settings quite alot and I now have found that by putting the heater completely off, I sleep like a dead horse. I like the clod wind, and that makes a big difference. My mouth is pretty dry when I wake up, but it is 100% worth it. I found some great info on www.apneasupport.org on how to change my own pressure settings. I took it from for to 6.5 and it is making a world of differnce. Still think my mask may be a little to big, so I might invest in another one somewhere down the line.

Summer is almost here, which means earlier mornings and later evenings, but best of all, it means we have got sun, and warm weather!I have lost just over 10 kilo's from the 1st of May up untill now. That is about 2.5 kilo's a month, or 700 g a week. I have read that men can loose up to 1.5 kilo's per week, and it will still be seen is helathy weight loss. I really have not been doing much exercising at all. And have mostly just been cutting out carbs where I can, and making informed choices when I eat. What I have noticed is that my weight is staying down. Also, without all the refines shit and carbs like white bread, I don't feel as bloted as I used too. So the new dat is 1 Desember 2012. I want to be at 89.9 kg's then. It's something to work towards, and I am actually looking forward to that.

The Summer is Magic.



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