Monday, 24 March 2014

week 2 review - another 1.1kg's down - 173 days to go

Week two was interesting, we had a public holiday on Friday, so the long weekend made me a bit lazy. I figure that is why I lost a bit less than in week 1. Still, I lost another 1.1 kg's in week 2. So I am happy, I am making progress, and I am not standing still.

Last week Monday I set out these goals, which I think I will set out every week from now on and give feedback on:

Mini Goal Feedback:

  • Have a lot of water again. - Yep, I ticked this box, although I had less this looong weekend.
  • Go Carb Free again. - Yep again, but not as clean as week 1.
  • Get more workouts done. - Yep, much more, and much more intense.
  • Lose another 1.5 kilos. - Nope, but I will make up for it in the coming week.
  • Tick all these off on Monday next week. - 75% ain't bad?

So there we go, still many a mile to jog, many a burger to skip, and many a water to drink.

173 days to go then...



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  1. That is awesome! And I think 1.1kg in week 2 is great, you've already lost the "water weight" so that 1.1kg is pure fat loss.