Monday, 5 May 2014

131 days to go, I am still around

Sorry for the absence, I have had a crazy few weeks! We went down to Cape Town around Easter and had a nice little 8 day holiday. My wife did the two oceans Half Marathon. It was inspirational seeing all those people finish the race, young, old, fit, and fat! It is truly an inspirational event to attend, and it was good fun, people from 84 countries participate, and if you are into running, check out the worlds most beautiful race here. I have always said I would love to do a half marathon, and this is the one.

After that I have been crazy busy at work, with functions, expo's and the like, but it has been a fun and exciting time.

Weight loss wise I will be giving you an update tomorrow, I have not weighed in for a while, neither have I trained much, but hey, it is Monday, with 131 days to go! So back on the horse again!

Have a epic week people.

Chat again tomorrow.


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