Tuesday, 19 June 2012

16 kilo's in 50 days!

Hectic, hopefully possible! Otherwise I want to get as close as possible!

Got this great weight loss tracking app on my Iphone called TargetWeight PRO. It let's you track your weight loss and you can take pictures etc to follow your weight loss.

Not so easy to train when it is -2`c outside in the morning when I leave for work at about 06:30.

My wife still gets up at 5 and goes to gym for about 45 minutes daily. have no clue how she gets it done every morning. She definitly has more will power then me. Truth is, she think she must loose like 8 kays while I think she is in great shape. Anyhoo, 16 is a lot. i have kinda rapped my head around it and realize I'll have to train myself to near death, and eat right.

I'm going on with two shakes a day, and the rest high protein and no refined stuff of any sort. I'm also back on the phedra cuts from tommorow.

Hope it's warm where you are!


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