Monday, 4 June 2012

Nearly 10

Had a big weekend away with Round Table. Unfortunetly I did'nt keep 100% to my diet, but I did to pretty good. Had a few bread rolls - which gave me a hell of a bad case of indigestion, but I did have a few salads, so it went much better than usually. I only had one Creme Soda, and that was only because I felt like a train ran over me on Saturday morning and we still had a whole day of partying left. Had the odd Jagermeister - about 8 if I remember correctly...but, not a single brandy and coke or any beers. Just a whole lot of whisky and water.

I wasn't expecting much with my weigh in this morning, as I figured I probably did put on  a few kilo's this weekend, but alas - I lost some more! I am now down to 105.5kg's from  my starting weight of 114.4kg's. That is 8.9 kg's lost. Pretty stoked, and it is great motivation to get to 10 down. The diet fuel I am drinking is helping plenty. They keep me full, and gives me a real nice dose of energy. Tend to have them for breakfast and lunch, with an apple or something in between. Dinner has been healthy, high protein and no carb.

The plan for this week is to go to gym everyday after work and see if I can go for a walk or a cycle when I get home, it's just less than 2 months to go and I want to get down as much as possible!

I am hoping that by keeping do the diet fuel and adding some gym work I drop one or two more this week.

Enjoy your week!

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