Friday, 15 June 2012

the slumplings

I have some owning up to do! Have'nt been following my diet exactly 100% to the T! Me and my dad went to Bloem this week for a meeting. Ate some Chinese in a propoer Chinese restaurant, it reminded me of me and my wifes trip to Thailand last year. I really love their cuisine, it's very flavourfull, and very healthy. I have had the odd bit of rice here and there and have'nt been drinking as much water or protein shakes. It's Friday today, and I am really looking forward to a nice realxing weekend at home without doing to much. It's a public holiday tommorow so I will be sleeping in. Monday I will be back in full force and shed another few kays before August 8. Really admire my wife for getting up around 5 three times a week to go and gym. I'll get her to throw me out of bed with her from next week. I try and remind myself that this shoulf be a lifestyle and not a diet. And slowly but surely it feeld that I am getting there. With all the water I have been having I find myself craving water every now and again. Also, reading food labels and doing comparisons puts some more perspective into the stuff I stuff into my face! 9 jellybabies is pretty much the same as 2 Banana's. Well, go and read your food labels - enjoy your weekend - I'll be weighing in on Monday - and updating - and putting pedal to the medal!

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