Sunday, 16 March 2014

week one review - 1.5kg's down - 180 days to go

Yello yello,

Week one is done, and I shed a very nice 1.5 kilo's. 180 days to go, and I am hoping I can keep going at this tempo. That would be great.

Here is what I did right (for me) this past week, and what I think helped me loose this first (of many) 1.5kg's:

  • Water - I had buckets of water, during the week, at least 3, but sometimes even 5 litres a day. We have a cooler at work, so it is easy, and it is pretty easy to get into the habit. And I am actually enjoying it know. I had no fizzy drinks or alcohol, and only a few black coffees without sugar. So water, and more water, this week.
  • No Carbs - I had zero carbs from Monday until Friday, I enjoyed some eggs, meat and leafy salads, it was great meals, and I actually enjoyed them. I fell of the waggon a bit on the weekend, but more of that later, in the what I did wrong section.
  • Exercise - Not much to speak of - but it's more than I would normally do. Had one early morning gym session. Had a nice 3km walk with the dogs. Played one action cricket game.
  • Rest - I slept a lot, and got some good rest.

What went wrong in week one:

  • I did not get enough workouts in.
  • I had a huge weekend - that is where I fell of the carb wagon, had some sushi and pizza.
  • Had way to many beers and whiskey on Saturday.
Plans for week 2:

  • Have a lot of water again.
  • Go Carb Free again.
  • Get more workouts done.
  • Lose another 1.5 kilos.
  • Tick all these off on Monday next week.
I am happy, and in a good space, and I am going to keep this up. It's going good, there is 180 days to go. 

Lets do this.




  1. Sounds great! I can't do low/no carb, I get grumpy and depressed. But low-ish does help me lose weight.

  2. The water drinking is great! I am lucky to get 1 litre in during the day! :( I even carry my waterbottle with me and I struggle to get enough in.

    Sounds like you got a good plan happening!

  3. Hi Natalie, you get over the grumpy/moody phase, try to stick it out and let me know!