Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Good news, bad news, and 65 days

Bad news - I completely fell of the bus. It has been hunting trips, work trips, Cape Town trips, birthdays, parties, sickness, freezing weather, and many more stupid, inexcusable excuses.

Bottom line - I got down to 103.4 kg's. Then ballooned back to 110.5kg's. That was the official weigh in Monday morning 8 July.

Good news - I am back at it, drinking water, working out, eating right, sleeping more, and ready to dip below 100kg's.


That is what is left. That is all.

Roughly 10 weeks.

I want to drop that 10 kilos, at least.

I will do it. I have to do it. I will get this done.


  1. Try and blog every day - I do better when I blog, it keeps me motivated, and helps to show me what I am doing, also, I feel like shit every time I pick up weight and need to document it, and I feel great every time I loose weight and get to document it.
  2. Go high protein, veg, and no carb, low carb all the way. This is by far the best way for me to loose weight, and I have seen this time and time again, the problem is, when I hit the carbs, I tens to pick it all up again, so lifestyle change, not diet.
  3. Drink Whiskey and water when I have to drink - no beers, or odd brandy and cokes, whiskey and water.
  4. 1 Workout every day except rest days.
  5. Weigh in every Monday where possible
  6. Stay positive, enjoy it, be creative with the food and workouts, do not get bored.
  7. Water, water, water.
Until tomorrow then



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