Wednesday, 2 May 2012

11 by 12

Here is 11 things I really want to do, be able to say, by the 12 month:

1. I reached my target weight – 89.9 kg’s.
This is the big goal, this is what I am here for, this is what I will do.

2. I have quit smoking – for good – for ever.
I have tried many a time, I have read about people quitting when they start to exercise as you really don’t feel like it – I hope I will be one of those people.

3. I can run a half marathon.
I never was much of a runner, I was a good cyclist and swimmer – this is something I figure I could do – I have 6 months to get there. Tommorow will be an early morning!

4. Get my waist below 100cm.
I’m currently at 130cm, it should be 94cm, if I am below 100, I would be happy!

5. Get rid of most of my pills.
I drink a wide array of pills, for all kinds of stuff, losing weight and quitting smoking should get me of a few. – More on this later.

6. Never diet – ever.
I don’t want to loose weight, and put it on again, I want to keep it off, lifetyle change – not fad diet change.

7. Be commited
To keep loosing weight, keep running/swimming/cycling/going to gym.

8. Get positive.
I can be depressed – sometimes. I am no fun then, I don’t need that.

9. Appreciate my wife, more
I love her to death, she does a whole lot of shit I take for granted.

10. Enjoy work
I spend half my life there – it should be more fun.

11. Be exited about getting up.
Not everyday, just a whole lot more days.

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