Friday, 25 May 2012


Still have'nt weighed myself. I have done 15 days of the high protein/shake diet. And atleast 30 minutes cardio to go along with it. Hoping to start doing some gym work from Monday in the evenings after work. It feels as if I might have lost a few kilo's. So hold thumbs for Monday, let's hope I get there. I have had 2 days where I have just been drinking USN's diet fuel. I have one serving in the morning and one around 15:00 and then another around 18:00. They keep me feeling pretty full and the Phedra cut also seem to make most cravings go away. Still noticing that I feel more energized/awake now that I am not eating any bread/pasta.etc. What I don't miss is that tiredness and lethargic feeling you get after absobing a nice big fat pizza! The cravings still there bet it feels as if it is getting a little bit better. Made my wife ( who now has the flu, about a week after me) some butternut soup and a few pieces of toasted ciabatta the other night. It took some will power not to have a bite of bread! Have made a few interresting meals meals without any carbs the last week. Had kudu steak strips with veggie stir fry, a whole lot of boiled eggs with spinach, and about 5 different saleads with biltong, meat strips, tuna, pilchards. I have noticed that you can still enjoy making these healthy foods and with enough garlic and chilli, they actually taste great! I will start taking pics of the food I make and maybe some of the places I go walking so that you can get a better idea. Planning a walk with the dogs tonight for about 3 kilo's. This will be the 5th night and I am starting to look forward to it. I pop some nice upbeat tunes onto my Iphone and that keeps me going for a good 30 minutes. I am going for a nice light mountain bike session tommorow morning, and I am hoping to do about 15 km in 45 or so minutes. I am only coming in to work at 09:00 so I'll start my Saturday with a nice workout. e are just chilling tonight as the wife is still not feeling her best. We have a party tommorow eve so hopefulle she feels better by then!

I'll post some pics and an update tommorow.
Go the Stormers,
Enjoy your weekend!


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