Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello interwebs

I wil be using this blog to track my own personal weight loss and fitness journey.
I am a 27 year old guy who weighs 112kg’s. I am aiming to get my weight down to 89 kg’s. That’s 23 kilos I want to loose! I have no set date I am reaching for but obviously the sooner the better!
I used to be a keen sportsman and excelled at quite a few sports. Unfortunelty, I piled on weight after school at a steady pace ad put on about 35 kg’s in 10 years. Breaking it down, it is’nt that much per year. I’m just hoping it won’t take ten years to get rid of it again!
I have been inactive for the past 4 years so I will start slowly but surely. Along the way I will add pictures and stuff so that you can follow my progress as I go along this journey.
I amusing this blog to not only motivate myself, but to hopefully get some motivation from a reader or two as time goes on.

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