Friday, 11 May 2012

The Weekend Baby

Still feeling a little sick. Much better though. I should be ready to roll out of bed on Monday and start the training and weight loss mission until 6 August. I am losing as much as possible but 20 will stay the magical figure! Have got my brother and his fiance's housewarming tonight. Then another birthday party tommorow night, and Sunday a mothers day lunch at our place. So, this will then be a weekend full of food, fun and drinks! I have started many things on Monday's so I am going all out this weekend, and from Monday I will trim and slim down at one helluva rate! (holding thumbs)! Going to get the wife to help me take all my measurements on Sunday eve, and then I will post the whole lot and start tracking my weightloss. You must all have a super weekend! Chat next week!

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