Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Long weekend!

Well, with yesterdays public holiday and the long weekend that preceeded it, it was not a great weight loss weekend! We chilled out alot, and I baked a cake. Not what you would call the optimal weight loss regime. Anyhow, I have a docters appointment for the 8th of August. It is a checkup after the first appointment of a month ago. I have decided to at least be below 95kg’s on my next visit. That will please the cardiologist, but it will please me even more. With that in mind, I have to loose a whole lot of kg’s till the 8th of August. In a way, it is quite nice, seeing that it gives me a new target to aim for. It’s 3 months to shed as much weight as possible. It works out to about 5 k’s every month, which works out to about 0.16 k’s per day.Which souns alot easier! Wife has as idea that I should start trainng with her in the mornings. looks like I will have to give it a go!

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