Thursday, 16 May 2013

hitting the road

So after a few months of laying around and chillaxing way to much, we had a nice big braai on Friday. Me and my wife went for drinks after work, and on our way home a fellow tabler phoned to ask if we want to come by for a quick drink. Needless to say we ended up having more than a quick drink, and a few shooters, and a lekker braai. This guy is 40 years old, weighs about 105kg's and have done 3 Ironmans and a comrades. He is also completely out of shape at the moment. So we got talking about training, loosing weight, and how out of shape we are. Then the challenge was set. My wife dared me to do a half marathon on the 27th of September. In my intoxicated state, I accepted, so that was that. I was in Cape Town from Sunday so our training started today. We did 4km, I actually feel pretty good, we probably walked 80% of the time, but still, I was active from 5:30 this morning for a good 30 minutes. It feels awesome, there are training plans coming, and it is great to do it with 2 friends, of which one has done this kind of stuff before, but the other is in the same boat is me. So here I go again, I am amped, and hopefully I will be doing that half marathon in September. And let's hope the weight melts off.


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