Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's getting easier...and harder

So today I did 4.5km of 3 min running 3 min walking, at one hell of a pace. It was by far the hardest workout I have done in the last 5 years. The legs are hurting, but I got through it, although we changed it up to walk 200m run 200m for the last kilo and a half, I was just way to far gone to continue on that 3 min pace. I feel good, and it has been a hectic morning at work. Although my legs feel busted I definitely have a lot more energy. I weighed in at 104kg's this morning, so it is coming off slowly, it is only 4.1kg's to that magical 99.9kg's mark. And I am super excited, it's all good.

Food wise it is going way better than expected. I think working out makes me think twice about what I eat, I have not had any carbs, and I am having some salads, meats, etc. I have been doing good with my water consumption.

Going on a bit of a guys trip this weekend, but more on that tomorrow. Normally I screw up food and drinks wise on these weekends, but I think this time it may be a different story.

See you tomorrow,



  1. Nice, I can't wait until I can actually run. If I tried to do that I think my legs would just buckle under me right now.

  2. Dude, you have surprized and motivated me so much that in my mind you are Ironman! You'll get there, keep on going on

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