Thursday, 25 October 2012

Golf, water, progress, and a big weekend.

Played well yesterday and really enjoyed the golf. Had lots of water, and all and all a good day. Wife and I went out for dinner with my folks. I realised that it ain't that easy to order in a restaurant. Half the salads have something in it that I don't really want to have, be it a sauce, or a crumbed something.

Opted for chicken wings, without any crumbs, that is grilled and served with olive oil and chilli's. Had a salad on the side. Normally I would have had a steak, sauce and chips, or a burger or pizza. What surprised me was that I really enjoyed the meal and did not really miss the pizza or carb heavy stuff I used to chow.

back at work today, and the in laws are sleeping over tonight, so I will probably have a braai or put something protein high meat heavy in the oven. Tomorrow morning I am off the golf tourni about 250km from home, sleeping over there and then back on Saturday for some more golf in the AM.

We have a show on Saturday evening, and the Currie Cup final is also on. GO Province! SO it is a packed few days to look forward to, and then a relaxing Sunday at home.

Really chuffed that I have gone 4 days on my high protein / low carb lifestyle, and looking forward to Monday's weigh in. I don't expect to have lost much, but I am feeling more energised, and it feels as if I might be loosing some.

Summer is almost here so let's hope I can get in the pool next week and get some extra exercise.

I know I want to weigh 89.9kg's, and that is the big target, but if I can just get down to 99.9kg's that would be a small victory on it's own. It's halfway, it's 15 kg's gone, and it would be fantastic. If I get there, I will never be above 100 again, that I know, I just need to get there. For a change, I feel as I am making progress, making the right food choices is becoming easier, and more of a habit. I am also getting more and more active. No one said this journey would be easy, and it certaintly isn't.

I am getting there, gram by gram!

I'll probably chat to you again on Monday, so enjoy your weekend, go for gold.



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