Thursday, 11 October 2012


When I was fit and in shape, about 10 years ago, Lance was an idol. The guy overcame cancer, and he lost a ball, and he won, the tour de France, 7 fucking times. We cycled, we tried to be Lance, we bought the US Postal jerseys, the yellow Livestrong armbands, the book - "It's not about the bike"- we'll it sure as hell were'nt about the bike.

I feel betrayed, pissed off, and like I wasted 3 weeks a year for way to many years watching le Tour. The way it's going now, they might as well make blood transfusions and EPO legal, as it sounds like every pro cyclist is anyways enjoying the stuff.

I want to rant on, but honestly, I can't, I am afraid I'll start crying...again...screw you Lance.

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