Monday, 29 October 2012


The weekend was huge, big party on Thursday night, and another on Friday night - got in bed around 3 in the morning, had breakfast at 6, left at 7, teed off for a third round of golf in as many days. Only played 3 holes, felt something go in my back. Turns out I just pulled a muscle, and it will be fine. Had another party Saturday evening. Was fun, lay around the house yesterday and just chilled out.

Here is some of the bad stuff I put in body over the weekend:

  • Lots of jagermeister (at least 12 shots )
  • About 7 Whiskeys
  • 6 Vodka Redbulls
  • 12 Beers
  • 6 Lavodka Caramel Shots
  • 2 Hamburgers
  • 1 Plate of Chips
  • 1 Wimpy burger with Bacon & Egg
  • A Pizza
  • Guess about 2L worth of Coke and other soft drinks
  • Too many Dunhill Lights

Here is some of the good news:

  • I didn't have any chips, sweets, ice cream.
  • I drank a ton of water on the golf course and thru the day.
  • I played a lot of golf and walked a few kilo's
  • I got some fresh air.
  • I feel super.
Have not weighed yet, will do tomorrow morning and update accordingly.

Going for a swim tonight with my brother. I used to be quite the swimmer about 15 years back, so I am looking forward to it. Also scared shitless as I know it screws you up like no other aerobic exercise.

I could have watched what I ate a bit better these past few days. I know that. Still, it was 60 times better than it would have been 6 months ago. I still feel I am on the right track.

L8r gator,


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