Tuesday, 16 October 2012

you might be me

  • You will start Monday, next Monday, next month's Monday, as long as it's Monday, that's when you will start, Monday.
  • You have a billion Tshirts that don't fit over your belly, but nicely over your shoulders.
  • You lie awake and think about the 5 km jog you'll have in the morning, and how good it feels.
  • You wake up, switch off the alarm, and go back to sleep
  • You wake up, jog 400m and feel like the guys finishing an ironman after 16 hours.
  • You read a shit load of inspirational weight loss blogs.
  • You admire these guys
  • You make your own blog
  • You blog
  • You also loose a bit of weight
  • You stagnate
  • You party
  • You put some back on
  • You read some more blogs
  • You get motivated again
  • You get some more protein shakes
  • You get back on the horse
  • You loose more weight
  • You still dream of becoming a lean, mean, in shape guy
  • The dream is getting closer
  • You have the before photo -
  • You are an after photo in the making

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