Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Here's yesterday's menu. Had a USN diet fuel for breakfast, they fill me up pretty well, and contains a lot of protein. Doesn't taste to bad either. It has a huge amount of minerals and vitamins and a serving packs just over 800 kj. More on the product here. Had a apple as a snack, and a 3 Vital rice cakes for lunch. They don't taste like much, but keeps me chewing for a while and seems to make me feel full. Had 2 Phedra Cut Slim Packs during the day. This is an awesome product, and gives me heaps of energy. It also tastes really good. In fact, it tastes better than any other diet product I have ever had. It contains just 12 kj per serving. It is a nice refreshing drink that packs a punch. More on the product here. For dinner, I popped some salmon into the oven. I used my Pestor & mortar and smashed up a heap of different herbs, some fresh garlic, salt & pepper, and smeared it on top of the salmon. Made a nice salad to go with it, and made a olive oil and lemon juice dressing to give some more flavour. I'll try to take pics of my meals so that you can comment on it.

Went for a nice walk with my wife and the dogs just outside town on some gravel roads. Forgot my Iphone at home, so don't know how far I walked, but we ere busy for about 35 minutes. Would have liked to have gone a bit longer, but it is still getting dark pretty early. My walking pace is definitely a bit slower then hers, but she kept with me and it was nice to have the company.



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