Monday, 5 November 2012


Today I am proud, happy, and amazed to report that I behaved well this weekend!

Friday night me and the wife chilled out at home, I had a nice stir fry for dinner, I made it with fresh veggies, and some lean beef. It was really good, and I did not even really miss the pasta or rice that would normally go with it.

Saturday morning I had some leftover stir fry for breakfast, then off to work, and then I went for a Nice 300m swim. It wasn't much off a session, but I felt good about just going and getting my heart rate elevated for a while.

For lunch, me and some mates went out to a new place in town, it's pretty Mexican, so I had some chicken wings and a piece of smoked pork rib. It was awesome. Again I didn't have any chips or bread even though there was and I have had a few drinks.

We met up with our wife's and had a big night out, it was a heap of fun, I had my Whisky and water, and maybe 1 or 2 Jagermeisters to many, but it was still much better than any other big Saturday night.

On Sunday I had some watermelon for breakfast, and then the wife and I went for a nice 2 hour cruise on our boat. The river was nice, and not windy at all, she got her tan on and I just relaxed and cruised along.

I drank  more than enough water, and I am really happy with how the weekend went. Weigh in tomorrow morning.

You must all have a great week.


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