Friday, 16 November 2012

Wife in hospital, and I am still doing good!

My wife started feeling bad on Monday, long story short, she ended up going to her GP on Wednesday, who immediately booked her into hospital, as she was dehydrated. Found out about 10 minutes ago that her appendix is going to be removed this afternoon. So, please spare a thought for her. It's been kind of boring being all alone at home, and I did some stuff I'd never do when she's around. I watched a whole lot of SuperSport last night, and had a swim in our pool with the dogs, who are both clearly missing her. In other news, my diet is going great, and so is my workout regime. Looking forward to the weekend, I have got a yearend function brunch tomorrow, and the rest will be spend lounging around, watching rugby, the odd braai, and more lounging around.

Enjoy your weekend, we'll chat Monday, when it's weigh in time!



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