Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Going Strong

A good friend gave me a huge compliment today. He said that I should watch out, because soon my pants will start falling off.  So I know I am winning this battle of the bulge. People are noticing, and that makes a heap of a difference to my mentality, and just motivates me to keep going. I played some squash last night, it was good fun, very exhausting, and a pretty good 40 min workout. I will be going for a swim in my lunch hour today, and hopefully at least twice a week. It makes more sense to me, plus, I'll have some more time at home to fix what needs to be fixed, and I can then swim in my lunch break, and play squash at night.

In other news, my wife is down with a bad stomach flu, I am hoping I don't catch it. Feel really sorry for her, she hates being sick, but for one or another reason she gets sick quite often.

I am really hoping Monay's weigh in will be a good one, I am working my ass off to make it that way.

That's it for now, I am off to my first lunch time swim session.



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