Thursday, 1 November 2012

A poem ... bwahahahaha

I feel funny today, probably because summer is here, it's a nice and hot 36 degrees here today, so, I figured I'd celebrite summer with a poem :


My blog keeps track of my weight,
Training, beers and ice cream when it’s late.
I want to lose this gut,
It puts me in a rut.
Previous posts will show my love of food,
The extra 20kg’s I carry put me in a bad mood.
I read your blogs for inspiration,
The hotdogs I ate can feed a nation.
Jack shit getting fit, thanks for your inspiration,
It is resulting in my perspiration.

114.4 kg’s is my starting weight,
I am 10 down, o, they protein I have ate.

99.9 is around the corner, never say never,
I’ll be happier than ever.

Once I am there,
My body will know I care.

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