Monday, 5 November 2012

Swimming and Winning

105.7 kg, that's where I'm at.
I'm over the moon.

Woke up this morning not really feeling it, got on the scale, saw 106.7kg and immediately I was amped to get back in the pool tonight, eat right, and get to the magical 2 digits I long for as soon as possible.

Had a double wammy workout last night. Fist went for a good 40 minute swim session, which left me exhausted. I am still cramping in the pool, but I can feel that I am getting stronger, fitter, meaner and leaner.

Then I went home, put on some fresh gear, and headed to the squash courts, build up a good sweat, and really enjoyed the outing. I'll definitely work some more squash games into my week. It's good fun, and me and my playing partner are pretty even so that makes for good intense games.

Had 2 lamb chops for dinner, a lot of water during the day, and some muesli and fruits.

All is good, I am happy.

My wife, my brother and his wife, and 4 of my mates gym in the morning. They go at 5:30. I want to join, but it's just so damn early. Looking into playing squash in the mornings rather than gym, and then I will have to do some weight exercises somewhere else in the day.

Have a good Tuesday.

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