Friday, 2 November 2012

it's the weeeeekend baby

Monday is weigh in again, I am looking forward to it.

I have had a fantastic week so far, I have eaten better than ever before, and really restricted my intake to the good stuff. I also drank a huge amount of water. I have enjoyed most of my healthy meals, and I am pretty stoked that I have done this for 5 days straight. I have also got my exercise in the pool everyday for at least 40 minutes.

It's the Weekend baby...and that scares me.

Routine is different, and there is more time for lounging around and drinks and braais and parties.

I am back in the pool after work, for another 1km session. This will be day 5 in  a row! I am getting fitter and can feel the difference every day.

Tonight, me and the wife will just chill at home and have something healthy to eat. Tomorrow I am working, and hoping to go for a swim after work, luckily I only work from 9 -12 tommorow.

And then we don't have any plans, so we will have to see what happens, either way, I am sticking to my guns this weekend, and staying healthy thru the weekend.

This is a lifestyle that I want to change, not a diet I am following.

Here's to reporting on Monday that I have been a good boy!

Enjoy your weekend,


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