Monday, 1 October 2012


I have not said much on my blog about my CPAP machine, but it is truly something I can't live without, so I figure it deserves it's own post.

Those who follow my blog, would remember all my mediacl issues, and how I got to sleeping with a elephant trunk connected to my face. For those in the dark, here's a quick recap.

* I had no energy
* I was depressed
* I had sugar issues
* I have high blood pressure
* My cholestrol was shit
* I have water retention issues
* I passed out at the office for no reason and woke up at the hospital.

and then:

* Went to 4 doctors
* Got hooked up to a billion wires
* Realized I dont really sleep
* Got the news that I wake up 34 times per hour.

and then:

I got my CPAP machine!

The thing is, sleeping with a CPAP machine takes a lot of getting used to. It took me about a month to realy get used to it, and every now and then I still need to make a few adjustments.

I have a Fisher & Paykell Auto unit with a humidifier, and although it was R12 000, it is worth every cent, every night, every time!

I actually sleep now, and wake up feeling like I slept. I figure I have about 654 % more energy, I do not get sleepy in the afternoons, and by large, I am definitly more awake. Also, I am starting to really enjoy the col air it blows out, althoug you can change it, as the F&P CPAP has a heater. I did change the pressure from 4 to 6.5 and this also made a big diffirence. You should be able to get off these machines, but honestly, I am enjoying it so much did I figure I porbably never would.

The website helped me a heap. I'd say anyone who is new to CPAP machines should go and have alook there. Someone on that forum has either asked the same questions or will be able to give you an answer.

Some people tend to loose weight on CPAP machines. The reason is pretty simple - as you are now actuaaly sleeping and getting proper rest. Your metabolism starts kicking in to gear the way it should, as you have the energy that weer missing when you were'nt sleeping. I am hoping I am one of them. I would anyway loose weight on it, as I now have the energy to actually do stuff that burns energy!

I'll check back tommorow.


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